The Top Three Must Have Korean Beauty Products To Shop Now

You've probably heard about the famed 10 step Korean skincare beauty routine. If you blend and customize your products right, it can absolutely transform your skincare. But does it mean you HAVE to do a tedious 10 step routine if you want immaculate skin? Absolutely not. 

With a few crack products and consistency, you can see a significant improvement in texture, colour and brightness over the course of a few weeks. 

There are A LOT of "cult" Korean beauty products out there on the market, so we've unpacked those into our top three favourites to give you glowy, jealousy inducing skin. 


This is ETTINE's best selling product for a reason. Cleansing Balms have become all the rage in Korea and are starting to spread around the world for a reason- they work, without stripping your skin of any natural oils. 

Ingredients are really where Heimish outshines the competition. It doesn't contain any of the nasties to steer clear of, like parabens or mineral oil. What All Clean Balm does contain is a pretty serious list of botanical ingredients that are natural and also packed full of anti-oxidents. All Clean Balm also contains citrus oils and extracts, including lime, orange and grapefruit to naturally brighten skin, plus tea tree oil to help prevent breakouts. And shea butter and coconut extract to nourish and hydrate.

Honestly, it is our GO TO cleanser, whether we are single or double cleansing because it just works. Really. 

On top of this the packaging is sooooo pretty! 


These masks are a cult buy from Too Cool For School for a few reasons. Honestly, we have trialled so many masks, and there are so many out there but none leave your skin feeling as refreshed, bright and tight as these- for all skin types. 

Hydration across all the different TCFS masks is amazing, and perfect for a quick injection of dewy skin. You don't even need to follow up with essences or creams after, just tap the excess into your skin and honestly? Thats enough to keep you going! 

Temporary brightening effects are a bonus, so I often use these masks before an event or a big day to keep looking fresh (brides I am looking at you!). 

The mask material lasts for much longer than the recommended 20 mins- I like to keep them on for as long as possibly, and they stay moist and dewy throughout. 

The perfect fit, the gorgeously soft material, the abundance of essence, the quality of essence, the lasting time, and the fantastic results, puts these masks among the best on the market, especially for the price!



Theres probably 101 reasons to love Son & Park's beauty water- not only because its super effective and it works, but also because it has a multitude of uses which means its a true value for money skincare investment. 

Because of the clever mix of ingredients, the Son & Park Beauty Water may be used in the following ways:

  • As a makeup remover. It is definitely passable as a makeup remover for non-waterproof makeup, but you'll need a bit of elbow grease for waterproof mascara. 
  • As an after-cleanse toner At ETTINE HQ we use it a prep product either before our routine cleansing.  It dries quickly with no sticky or filmy residue, and it helps balance the skin's pH levels which is great for breakouts. 
  • As a prep product before makeup. We often also use the Son & Park chameleon before applying makeup. It basically clears off any impurities and is a gentle exfoliant. 
  • As a hydrating spritz mid flight. Transfer some of the Beauty Water in an atomizer bottle and spray it on whenever you want to cool down your skin at work. If you don't wear makeup, you can also wipe it on your face to clean up grime if you feel like your skin needs it.
  • As a mild exfoliator. Beauty Water is formulated with both willow bark and papaya extracts that exfoliate the skin and ensure your skin remains clear of dead skin cells and surface impurities. Since it’s a micro-exfoliator, it’s gentle enough for everyday use. Great for after shaving or plucking to avoid ingrowns. 

Need we say more?!?