What Double Cleansing is, and why you need this Korean Skincare trend in your life!

Double cleansing has fast become part of the routine of skincare afficianados around the world, having taken off with the women of Korean in recent years. 

In the age of gadgets, and fads, double cleansing is really about coming back to our roots and making sure the first step in our routine - cleansing- is done right. 

Long gone are the days where a face wipe and face plant into bed were an option, as we get older, and wiser its more important than ever to maintain our skin. Throughout the day, airborne bacteria and pollution is attracted to your skin, not to mention the bacteria on our hands that is rubbed onto our face. Without proper cleansing, these contribute to ageing, pigmentation and breakouts. 

The best way to stop this happening? Double cleansing. 

So what exactly is Double Cleansing?

It involves two steps, the first using a cleansing oil or balm to breakdown makeup, suncream and sebum on our skins surface, followed by a deeper water based cleanse, which works to remove sweat, dead skin cells and nasty bacteria in our pores. 

It's all about removing any impurities that have penetrated beneath the skins surface. 

How do you double cleanse?

It's really important to wash your face until there is no trace of makeup visible on a cotton pad. For some, this can take a few washes- especially if you wear heavy makeup. 

We like to use Heimish's All Clean Balm which is an oil based balm cleanser that applies as a solid and melts into your skin as an oil. Massage it into your face, making sure to focus on areas like the nose, cheeks and chin. 

Once you've completed this step its time for the waterbased cleanse- and thats not just a quick splash and dash. Massage your water based cleanser in for a minute (at least) for it to properly remove toxins. 

We recommend our Huxley Be Clean Be Moist Cleansing Gel which is lightweight but lathers well and leaves you feeling clean, fresh and hydrated. 

Have you tried double cleansing? Give it a try for a week and let us know!