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Try a little taste of each of HEIMISH's cleaning essentials with this mini set that includes:

  • HEIMISH All Clean Balm (5ml)
  • HEIMISH All Clean Green Foam (30ml)
  • HEIMISH All Clean White Clay Foam (30ml)
  • HEIMISH Black Tea Mask Pack (7ml)

All Clean Balm - a cult favourite. 

An oil cleansing balm that contains natural aroma oil for easier, faster cleansing to remove make up and impurities without causing any irritation. Starts as a balm that turns to an oil cleanser upon water contact to effectively remove make up without irritating or dehydrating your skin.

DIRECTIONS: Using the spatula provided, scoop a small amount and use your fingers to spread balm over dry skin. Massage balm in circular motions to cleanse and emulsify stubborn makeup. Rinse well with lukewarm water then pat dry.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types, sensitive skin.

All Clean Green Foam 

A gel-type foam cleanser that balances your skin's pH level, soothes and moisturises your skin. With its gel-like texture, this cleanser maintains your skin’s optimal pH balance while effectively removing impurities on the skin. Formulated with centella asiatica and witch hazel to heal and soothe your skin. 

DIRECTIONS: After oil cleansing, take an appropriate amount into your hands and massage your face with the bubbles. Wash with warm water and pat face dry. 

SUITABLE FOR: Oily skin, sensitive skin. 

All Clean White Clay Foam 

A foam cleanser that deeply cleanses your pores, removes impurities and absorbs excess sebum. Formulated with natural Amazon white clay, renowned for its sebum absorption to effectively remove all dirt and waste products from your pores, control excess oil and remove dead skin cells to leave your skin smoother and feeling more refreshed than ever!

Hyaluronic acid coconut oil provides intense hydration and moisture and citrus herb oils refresh and revitalise your skin and remove toxins. 

DIRECTIONS: Squeeze an appropriate amount and work into a lather. Gently massage face and rinse with warm water. 

SUITABLE FOR: Sensitive skin, oily skin 

Black Tea Mask Pack 

A wash-off mask that hydrates and cools tired or irritated skin, while firming your skin at the same time. The cooling effect instantly reduces puffiness while boosting skin’s moisture levels. Antioxidant-rich ingredients improve elasticity and vitality, while the star ingredient black tea, heals blemishes, inflammation, scars and acne thanks to its antibacterial properties.

DIRECTIONS: After cleansing, pat face dry. Apply the face mask evenly over a dry face. Leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with toner, serum and moisturiser. This mask can be used any time during the day -- we particularly like it as a morning mask for its effectiveness to reduce early morning puffiness and to nourish fatigued skin.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types